• What to pack for a beach holiday?

    Everyone finds lists useful, they help save time, stress and makes it less likely you’ll forget something important. Packing right for a beach holiday is all about preparation because sometimes buying things in stores right by the beach in tourist hotspots can be expensive. Here’s our list of things you should remember to bring for […]

  • What is more important for your holiday rental choice? Location or view?

    For guests trying to decide which is a more important to them between an ideal location or a stunning view, in case both aren’t an option, we have some simple advice.

  • Great questions to ask your hosts when renting a property

    Interacting with your short-term rental or Airbnb host can have many benefits whether that be during the booking process, just before arrival or during your stay. Writing as experienced hosts we do have to admit we do like to hear from guests, not constantly of course, but we do value being helpful and answering questions […]

  • What gets a guest a 5 star review from us on Airbnb?

    Staying in a holiday rental property, or basically just referred to as “an Airbnb” these days can be a great way to have the comforts of home while you’re away from your own. One of the great resources provided by Airbnb is the social proof by way of reviews provided by other guests who have […]

  • Benefits of Short-Term Business Rentals over Hotels

    Everybody knows that traveling double occupancy is more cost-savvy. When travelling with someone, sharing a room will be cheaper than booking two separate rooms and it’s also nice to not have to eat alone. If you are travelling for business with someone, you may be lucky enough to have more of a choice of where […]