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Property Management

At Holiday Rentals Australia we have a firm belief in doing things properly; that means focussed, attentive management where you can always get hold of someone easily who will give you honest, frank updates and not just tell you what you want to hear. We believe having a close and reliable relationship with our property owners is the key to long-term success. Whilst Airbnb is our primary advertising channel we also promote properties through Stayz, VRBO and HomeAway.

We are a fully licenced and insured real estate agency dedicated to managing holiday, vacation and Airbnb apartments and homes. As required by law we adhere to all regulations regarding the handling of client money and use a real estate Trust Account for this purpose. It is professionally audited annually to ensure your money is reported correctly and handled safely to ensure you can never lose out.

Do you already own a property you only use occasionally as a holiday home or apartment?

Has it been sitting idle most of the time leaving you feeling like it should be generating some income for you? Have you been managing it yourself and want someone to take the hassles away for you, either permanently or long term?

Has an individual, agency or an amateur Airbnb manager been managing it for you and any of the following sound familiar?

  • your emails and calls take too long to be responded to
  • your income payments are erratic and often late
  • you often wonder if you could be earning more from the property
  • you have concerns about how well the property is being looked after and hear worrying stories about Airbnb guests
  • you never get sent any of the guest feedback

Property management by Holiday Rentals Australia is the answer to all of the above; our goal is to make your life easier, look after your property and generate a good income for you along the way with the friendly, reliable and professional service of a smaller Australian-owned business backed by a wealth of experience. We’ve heard from so many owners with disaster stories, lost payments and poor service

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Just bought or thinking about buying a holiday property?

Maybe you’ve just bought a holiday house or apartment and you’re thinking about using it for holiday rentals for the first time? Or perhaps you’re just thinking about buying one at the moment or maybe you’re moving away and think holiday rentals may be a good way to cover the property’s costs?

Please get in touch; we’re happy to give you some free advice and the benefit of all our experience so you can make the best possible choices. Our reviews, results and experience speaks volumes about our approach to property management and you can be assured that unlike with some other target-driven agencies, you’ll get an honest assessment from us. We’re not just going to try to sweet talk you into something we know isn’t going to be a success. That’s a nightmare for you and a missed opportunity for us to build a great relationship with you.

What’s our initial process when you contact us?

The first step with us is to have a phone conversation about your property, what you’re hoping to achieve and what your needs for it are. After that we like to meet you to view the property and find out more; we pride ourselves on the strength of relationships with our owners and that starts with a friendly chat whilst you show us around. As this is a licensed real estate agency we are guided by property industry best practice and following the meeting we’ll go away, do some research on comparable properties in the holiday rental market and come back to your with a full written and very detailed proposal which will tell you more about how we work, what rental rates we can realistically achieve and what income the property can realistically make for you. These will be real figures that we know can achieve, not headline figures other agencies may try to sell you on that only get achieved once or twice a year.

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