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Holiday Rentals Australia has been achieving impressively fast results for our newest property owners. As we explain to landlords in our initial discussions, the launch into the market of any new property is similar to the launch of a new business. It can take time for tangible results to be achieved and a little financial patience can be needed while the first bookings are made, completed and reviewed.

The recent launch of our new properties in South Yarra and St Kilda has once again shown the benefits of working with a leading holiday rental management agent like Holiday Rentals Australia. Within the first three days of the listings we prepared on Airbnb going live, the properties were close to fully booked for the next four weeks with additional bookings also during the course of the following three months.

St Kilda Road, St Kilda

St Kilda vibes, City vies, airy 1 bed sleeps 2-4

The apartment in St Kilda was furnished by the owners with a little guidance from Holiday Rentals Australia and was an immediate hit. By encouraging the use of bright colours to stand out in the photos and prominently featuring the view from the apartment wherever possible prospective guests were immediately drawn to the listing and the bookings followed very quickly. Through our tried and tested method of securing helpful but unbiased reviews from initial guests, the social proof of the quality of the property was immediately available to prospective guests who needed the comfort of understanding feedback from other guests prior to making a booking themselves.

Total booking value for the first four weeks, which included some discounted promotional pricing to encourage first bookings, came to $2,861. This is an outstanding result for the property owner and they were thrilled with the fast result we achieved for them.

Malcolm Street, South Yarra

Sky-high South Yarra luxury 2 bed sleeping up to 4

This two bedroom apartment in the heart of South Yarra was designed and furnished completely by the Holiday Rentals Australia team. The owner of the property gave us free reign (subject to final approval) to set up the apartment with the aim of creating an upmarket environment to capture the more premium end of guest bookings. The execution of this project has resulted in constant bookings, almost back to back, for the first four week period and beyond. The chosen furnishings complement the incredible view from the apartment and appeal to guests with a greater spending power who are looking for comfortable but luxurious accommodation in one of Melbourne’s trendiest and most in-demand suburbs.

Total booking value for the first four weeks, which included some discounted promotional pricing to encourage first bookings, came to $3,256. As a return for not only a first month, but also a low season winter month, this is an outstanding result for the owner. In high season summer months we wouldn’t be surprised to see this return double.

Is your property underperforming?

If you’re the owner of a holiday property, whether that’s a house or an apartment, and feel your property might be underperforming with its current management we’d love to hear from you. In the current market where both domestic and international tourism is starting to return to pre-pandemic levels, there is often no reason why your property can’t be generating a great income for you. Call Stephen on 0435 768 514 to find out more about what we might be able to do for you. Alternatively, click Contact Us in the menu above to send us an email or contact form.

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