What is more important for your holiday rental choice?

What is more important for your holiday rental choice? Location or view?

For guests trying to decide which is a more important to them between an ideal location or a stunning view, in case both aren’t an option, we have some simple advice.

In our experience of meeting thousands of guests over the years groups seem to fall into three categories:

  • Those who want it all no matter the cost, often being on a special trip or for a special occasion
  • Intrepid explorers who don’t actually plan to spend much time in the accommodation
  • Groups wanting a relaxed weekend where they don’t have to do much at all

We want it all!

We regularly meet groups of guests who are travelling for a special occasion and consequently they take a more relaxed approach to the costs of the trip. Not only do they want a stunning view to enjoy from the apartment they also want to be in a great location, close to shops, amenities and scenic sights. Properties that come with it all will normally be more expensive to rent for the pure reason that they will often be the most in demand. It’s standard economics that something that is popular and available in limited quantity will often come at a premium. These properties will often have higher running costs too which is a factor in their pricing.

But, in our experience, guests who have splashed the cash on one of these types of properties rarely regret it. They come away from their stay with happy memories and full hearts. Many have commented to us that they’re so glad they pushed their budget because their experience felt really worthwhile. Often, we see them again for return trips!

We want to see everything!

Intrepid explorer guests often arrive with backpacks and walking boots, they’re a distinctive breed but can come in many forms. For these guests we’ve found that the old adage Location, Location, Location holds true. Things that matter to them most are a central location and easy access to transport links to explore the local area. The apartment or house itself simply needs to be clean and comfortable but in a great spot. We’ve often been told this about our properties in North Sydney; with the ferry a few minutes to the left and the trains a few minutes to the right this quiet spot is just the ticket for people wanting to explore the best Sydney has to offer.

We want to chill!

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all to relax and do nothing. These guests generally prefer apartments with a stunning beach or city view we’ve learned. If they’re going to spend time putting their feet up and avoiding the stresses and strains of their everyday lives it’s best to do it with something amazing to look at, to remind them this is a break so their body and mind can unwind. Did you know scientific research has been done to demonstrate that staring at the sea can help clear your mind to solve problems or be creative?

Naturally, all types of different people have different requirements and all things being equal we probably want it all but sometimes budget won’t allow. Holiday rental properties come in all shapes, sizes and locations so there’s bound to be something that ticks your lists out there.